How to Get Pregnant with Twins

Published: 12th November 2009
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Many people are intrigued with the birth of twins. It is really fascinating to think about how two human beings would be able to grow inside a womb. They would be sharing one space and practically the same food.

It is quite common to get pregnant with twins. Even famous people have given birth to twins. Don't you think it would be nice to have twins? It would be such a joy to watch them grow up and to send them to school at the same time.

The only difficulty with being a mother of twins would be that you need to double the number of times you have to change diapers and feeding them. Thus women who want to have only two children would prefer to give birth to twins. The thought of taking care of two babies at the same time can be daunting but the thought of having two children to take care of you when you are old is pleasurable.

There are a lot of reasons why couples today have twins. One of the major reasons is due to fertility pills. These pills tend to cause women to over produce the eggs that usually should come only once during each ovulation. Sperm cells come by the millions but in the case of eggs, it should be only one during natural ovulation.

You may want to know the natural ways of being pregnant with twins, so here they are:

• Look for a husband who is a twin. It is said that if you or your husband has twins or has a relative that is a twin, then you have a higher chance of giving birth to twins because it is hereditary.

• Start taking folic acid at least one month before conception. Yes, folic acid is important for any woman who wants to get pregnant but it has also been known to increase multiple pregnancies if you take folic acid regularly.

• Eat cassava fruit. The researchers for twin bearing women have found that the highest recorded twins were conceived in Africa where the staple food is cassava fruit yam. It is said that eating the yam regularly will make you conceive twins.

• Gain a little more weight. Your health is the most important factor during pregnancy but according to one research, gaining a little more weight and having just a little more fat in your body would make you a candidate to have twins. But it is important that you don't overdo it because it may jeopardize your whole pregnancy.

• Eat a lot of dairy products. A study conducted by Dr. Long who is well known for researching multiple pregnancies say that women who drink a lot of milk and eat beef show fives higher chance of conceiving twins than those who are vegan.

• Don't discontinue breastfeeding. This is for the mothers who are still breastfeeding their youngest child. Hold off on weaning your little one because women who are breastfeeding are nine times more likely to conceive twins compared to mothers who have stopped breastfeeding.

• Be older. Try to get pregnant when you are about 35 years old. This is because most women from around that age start producing higher levels of FSH or follicle stimulating hormones. FSH is the hormone that tells your ovaries to start the maturation of the egg for ovulation. As you get older, your body tries to compensate and thus produces more FSH which tends to produce more eggs than usual.

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